Patient Rights & Privacy

The Hospital of Central Connecticut is committed to respecting the dignity and privacy of every patient, and to meeting federal privacy laws.

Patient Rights & Privacy

We are also required by law to give you a detailed notice of our legal duties and privacy practices relating to your health information and to follow the terms of that notice. Please be aware that federal privacy laws may prohibit us from releasing specific information about you, even to family members, without your consent.

At The Hospital of Central Connecticut, you have the right to:

  • Be Treated With Respect, Courtesy and Dignity
  • Have Consideration of Personal Privacy
  • Reasonable Response by Staff and Employees to All Requests
  • Participate in The Development of His or Her Plan of Care and Treatment.
  • To The Extent Permitted by Law, to Make His or Her Own Decisions About Treatment
  • Expect Commitment of Medical and Nursing Staff to Pain Prevention and Management
  • Formulate Advanced Directives and Have Hospital Staff and Practitioners Who Provide Care in The Hospital Comply With Those Directives in Accordance With Applicable Law
  • Refuse Treatment
  • Receive Care in a Safe Setting
  • Be Free From Abuse or Harassment
  • Be Free From Restraint and Seclusion Used as a Means of Coercion, Discipline, Convenience or Retaliation by Staff
  • Confidentiality of His or Her Clinical Records
  • A Full Explanation of Charges
  • File a Complaint or Grievance Through The Department Manager or Hospital Administration.
  • Have a Language Interpreter Provided as Needed
Prawa i obowiazki pacjentow  |  Derechos de los pacientes

As a patient at The Hospital of Central Connecticut, you have the responsibility to:

  • Immediately Inform The Doctors and Nurses of Any Changes in Health Problems
  • Provide Accurate and Complete Information About Present Complaints, Past Illness, Medications and Other Health Related Matters
  • Work With The Doctors and Nurses to Develop a Pain Management Plan
  • Ask Questions if The Care or Instructions Are Not Fully Understood
  • Tell Caregivers and Staff of Any Concerns About Care and Safety and His or Her Ability to Follow The Plan of Care
  • Follow the Care or Treatment Plan or Be Responsible For Outcomes if The Plan is Not Followed
  • Observe All Hospital Rules and Regulations and Do Everything Possible to See That Visitors Do The Same
  • Be Considerate of Other Patients and Hospital Staff and Employees

Notice of Privacy Practices

Please download our Notice of Privacy Practices which describes how medical/health information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Notice of Privacy Practices  |  Komunikat o zasadach prywatnoĹ›ci  |  Notificación de prácticas de privacidad 

Patient Rights & Privacy